Welcome to Velo Vintage, a place where we step back a little in time, go for a little cycle ride, take tea, converse and dress with style.

Our next Occasion & Ride is in Seaton, Devon on the Jurassic Coast on Saturday 1st July 2017.

 Full details will hopefully be posted on the Tickets & Events page quite soon.

We're still discussing matters in a dark room filled with pipe smoke and the aroma of port, however we feel confident enough to say, "get out your sharpened pencils and mark Saturday 1st July 2017 as a truly exciting Summer Velo Vintage Occasion & Ride!" As soon as we have confirmed matters, we'll let you know when to mark your books with quill & ink. Huzzah!

We had some truly outstanding winners of our competitions!

We have some exciting plans for 2017, so do keep popping in for news or register onto our mailing list.

Here is a little (well quite long really) interview that Alistair gave on BayFM Radio last Sunday.

We had a truly top time on Friday 9th September in Sidmouth for the start of Stage 6 of The Tour of Britain. We seemed to have a little flurry on the radio and television, so here we have a collection of clips from the day. Our thanks go to Julia Boyer and Ian Woolger, two of our Stewards who stepped up to the BBC microphone for the first time for Velo Vintage. Many thanks also go to our inimitable Stewards and our Guest Riders. Thank you all so much. Toodle Pip! Alistair & Sebastian

The Tour of Britain is visiting Devon on Friday 9th September! Stage 6 will start in the Regency resort of Sidmouth and the Inimitable Velo Vintage Stewards will form part of the lead-out. Come along shout "Huzzah", support The Tour and have a great day in Sidmouth.

P.S. The Velo Vintage Stewards are gathering on Sunday 4th September in Sidmouth to help promote the Tour of Britain. We'll be handing out flyers, however if you want to dust off your steed, dress up and join us you'll be very welcome. We shall be gathering at The Anchor Inn, Old Fore Street at just before 11:00 am. We intend to ride around the town, along the seafront and seek refreshments as required. It's all very informal.

We have a number of vintage bicycles for sale. Do contact us if you're looking for a vintage steed for our next occasion.

Huzzah! Photographs from one of our occasions have been used to adorn a bus stop in Exmouth!

Thank you, from all of us at Velo Vintage and all of the amazing Stewards. Thank you to all who took part, helped out, cheered us and supported us, you all make the day so very special.