Dear Velo Vintage Riders,
We're delighted to be holding our 14th Occasion & Ride in the coastal resort of Seaton on the Jurassic Coast. We had such a wonderful time last year, we just had to come back.

Tickets numbers are limited to 150 riders on Saturday and just 40 passengers on the tram on Sunday.

The ride distance will be no more than 9 miles at a very relaxed pace.

Tickets must be purchased before the event for riders.

Spectators are free to come and meet us, indeed are positively encouraged
You don't need a vintage bicycle, but you do need a bicycle!

Lycra is banned and vintage/traditional attire is the order of the day

Here is a very approximate guide for the day.

Saturday 30th June 2018

10:30 am Grand Depart from Seaton Jurassic
11:15 am arrive at a local hostelry
12:45 am Seaton Wetlands for tea & cake
1:45 pm Windsor Gardens
2:30 pm arrive at Cliff Field Gardens our final destination. Here we shall rest, picnic, play games and enjoy the festivities of the fair in the park and the wonderful Liberty Sisters.

There is so much more to add,
however we do like a surprise or two!

On Sunday 1st July, we're planning a little apres velo fun. We've booked a tram to take us out to Colyton, what happens after that is a little vague, but we have added a bit more detail below, somewhere towards the bottom of this page.
If you have any problems booking a ticket please press the help button below.
The ticket prices & details of the
day are as follows:
Free! Children 13 years of age, and younger go free, however we think it would be good form if their mother or father or an adult accompanied them and of course purchased their own ticket.
The Cope family have been supporting Headway Devon through this event for many years.This year we are donating £3.15 to the charity for every adult ticket purchased.

Adult Ticket
23 Guineas (£24.15) each for a single adult ticket.
Adult Tickets

 Please add all rider names in the box above and then click "Add to Cart"
Junior Ticket
14 Guineas (£14.70) for first child, then see drop down box for the rest of the family rates.
(Via PayPal)
Childrens Tickets
A junior rider is 14 years old and up to 17 years. Once you get to 18 years, we think you should purchase an adult ticket as above (Junior riders must be accompanied).
Please add all of the junior rider names in the box above and click "Add to Cart".

Scroll down for Sunday's tram details

Dogs, cats & mice can accompany you for free if they are of a size to be carried in a basket or sidecar. Actually most animals can travel with you if you can pop them into a basket, however do try to keep them under control as lively animals and bicycles don't always mix that well.
We can take cash or cheques, we might even barter for an old bicycle, a bicycle part, old oil lamps, a chicken, a horse, a coat or a hat. However do let us know very quickly as tickets are rather limited. You can reach us via the contacts page. 
Sunday Tram Ride
1st July 2018. Departs: 11.00 am

We did this last year and so here we go again. This is an exceedingly relaxed day of Velo Vintage riders gathering together for a return ride to Colyton. If it runs like last year, we assemble, chatter a lot and then commandeer a tram. Upon reaching Colyton and after disembarking the carriage, we'll stroll together to a local hostelry and there refresh ourselves. Mustering all our strength, we'll proceed with a short perambulation to the station and then we shall embark on an adventure tous ensemble all the way to Colyford, naturally by tram. At said village, we will most probably indulge in a Sunday roast or whatever takes your fancy. After that we'll endeavor to catch another tram back to Seaton to watch a spot of cycle racing at Seaton Cycle Feast. An utterly splendid day awaits this merry band. Last year we had a fiddler on the roof, it would be jolly to repeat that as music is indeed the soul of life! Huzzah!

Attire: vintage/traditional

Tickets are of course limited to the size of the tram and they really are quite small, so do book as soon as you are able.

The ticket price just covers a return ticket from Seaton to Colyton. How you decide to part with your guineas at each venue is ladies and gentlemen, entirely your choice. If you're asking, both Sebastian and Alistair are partial to cider.

Tickets: 10 Guineas (£10.50) per adult. Return ticket from Seaton.

Return Tram Ticket 1/07/18

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Apres Velo Vintage - Sunday 2nd July 2017
The morning after the day before. A top time on a tram of tweed stopping for tiffin. After the joy of the Baker's Dozen Occasion & Ride a few of us parked our bicycles and headed for the tram. Huzzah!