A Little Jollification
We always like a few light hearted competitions during our Occasion & Ride events and so in true Velo Vintage tradition here we go with a veritable feast of tournaments:

The Best Dressed Gent
A truly coveted award!
Who else could sponsor this little competition, but our very dear friends from our home town, who make such exquisite attire for the discerning gentleman.
Thank you Captain.
Venton's Velo Vintage
Vesper or Verse Award
Three cheers to Mark Venton
for this top competition

We'd like you to come up with a short verse, vesper or limerick to describe Velo Vintage & Venton's Cyder.
The Best Beard
Dazzlingly sponsored by

The Best Jolly Good Sport of the Day!
A splendid competition with very uncertain criteria and outcome!
Presented by Alistair & Sebastian and sponsored by our lovely friends at

Best Ladies Hat
Wonderfully sponsored by

Run by lovely people,
CycleMiles has everything you need for cycling,
just pop onto the website and have a little look.

The Best Dressed Lady
One of so many on the day has to be chosen!
  Always such a difficult choice, however we hope that the winner will like the little gift from the exceedingly cheerful Captain Montgomerry

The Best Moustache
Naturally & munificently sponsored by